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Front Stable Panel - Scalloped Hinged Door (Tasmanian Oak)
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Front Stable Panel - Scalloped Hinged Door (Tasmanian Oak)

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Spinning Feed Bin Rug Rail on Bamboo Door Scalloped Hinged Door (Tasmanian Oak) Split Sliding Door (Black Ply) Split Sliding Door (Natural Ply)

Stable Panels

A major goal of our company is to provide quality products to a wide range of clients at competitive prices, without compromising on quality. We have spent considerable time and resources investigating options for the design and manufacture of stable panels. Dave, the founder of Superior Sheds & Stables, has been working closely with our draftsman in the development and refinement of a panel concept that can be constructed at a low cost and easily and efficiently installed in existing sheds throughout Australia.

The stable dividers and stable fronts supplied by our company can be fitted into any bay size up to 4.1m wide. Panels can be installed D-I-Y or fitted by our experienced tradesmen at a reasonable rate. All panels are generally available with a choice of ply, rubber, bamboo or Tasmanian oak inset, with an option of either sliding or hinged stable doors.

Due to cost saving mechanisms, we are able to provide a quality product to our customers in Australia at a reduced price.

General Specifications

Front Stable Panels

Width:Panels to suit sliding doors: up to 4.2m wide
 Panels to suit sliding doors: up to 4.3m wide

Front stable panels can be easily cut down to suit the sizing of your shed space.

Divider Panels

Width: 4.1m but panels can easily be cut down to suit your shed space.

Divider panels include a 30mm x 6mm plate welded at a height of 300mm up the pipe. This plate extends the full width of the panel and is designed to add strength to the pipe area, reducing the risk of pipes spreading.


Hot dipped galvanized steel - 50mm x 50mm x 2mm.


The top section of panels - from 1.3m to 2.4m above ground height - is fitted with 20mm galvanized pipe at 75mm centres.


The bottom section of panels - up to 1.3m above ground height - can be selected from the following materials.

Strand Woven Bamboo Planks

Option 1: 150mm wide x 25mm thick with 32mm ventilation gaps between planks (pre-oiled, WOCA oil).

Option 2: 160mm wide x 25mm thick solid bamboo planks (pre-oiled, WOCA oil).


Kiln dried Tas Oak planks - 130mm wide x 31mm thick dressed with double sided VJ finish . (Requires oiling with Cabots decking oil or Integrain - TBA depending on weather exposure.) Tas Oak used in barn doors and shutters - 180mm wide x 18mm thick.

Form ply, F17, 17mm thick.

Option 1: Black

Option 2: Natural look timber (requires oiling)


Option 1: Conveyor belt rubber 6-7mm thick (new finish on one side only).

Option 2: Brand new 6-7mm thick rubber (new finish on both sides).



1.5m wide door (1.5m wide opening).
Ball bearing hinges screwed to main frame.


1.5m wide door (1.4m wide opening).
Track with 200 series rollers - 4 wheels per roller.


Hinged Doors

Option 1: Spring lock fitted with 12 gauge hex head screws for mid section of door.
Drop lock for bottom section of main door.
Drop lock for top separate hinged top door section (if split door is fitted).

Option 2: Double slide lock for main door.
Drop lock for top separate hinged top door section (if split door is fitted).

Sliding Doors

Concealed drop lock for main door.
Drop lock for top separate hinged top door section (if split door is fitted).

Feed Bin

Feed bin position height 1100mm. Feed bin door fitted to the corner of the opposite side of the main stable door entry.

Panel Protection

The bottom of the stable panels can be a very corrosive area due to sawdust and urine. Even though the steel is hot dipped galvanized, we recommend a protective coating on the bottom of the stable panels to promote longevity. We offer the option of painting the underneath of the panels and the inside of the panels up to 200mm above ground level with a protective bitumen coating to help prevent timber rot and rusting of steel. Please see the order form for pricing.

Panel Self Assembly

Extras Available

  • Day yard doors
  • Storm shutters
  • Tasmanian Oak double sliding entry doors
  • Spinning Feed Bin Door with 30 litre plastic feed bin
  • Sawdust stopper behind door
  • Hinged panels to allow bobcat entry (full panel opens)
  • Super comfort rubber stable mats (17mmx1200x1830).

Ask us about lining the inside of your shed, automatic waterers, overhead water systems for wash bays, various types of feed bins, installation of tack room walls and ceilings.


  • Delivery service is available to Qld, NSW & Vic (P.O.A.)

DIY Quote / Panel Order Form

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Stable Panels - Please click to select inset requirement
Item DescriptionBlack PlyNatural PlyRubberTasmanian Oak (oiled)Bamboo (oiled)Unit PriceQtyTotal
Front Stable Panel Half DoorHinged Door  
Sliding Door  
Front Stable Panel Scalloped DoorHinged Door  
Sliding Door  
Front Stable Panel Split DoorHinged Door  
Sliding Door  
Stable Divider PanelStandard Inset  
Double Faced      
Stallion Divider PanelStandard Inset  
Double Faced      
Storm Shutters
Includes wall frame and installation.
Single 800x800   
Double 1300x800    
Day Yard Doors 1500mm (w)
Includes wall frame and installation.
Double Timber Sliding Entry Doors 3m x 3m    
Double Timber Sliding Entry Doors 4m x 3m    
Spinning Feed
Bin Door
Installation per stable panelPly$360 
Load and delivery feeP.O.A.  
Super comfort rubber stable mats (17mmx1220x1830). Per 4mx4m stable installed.$1600 
Rubber stable mats - supply only. (8 mats per 4mx4m stable.) Price per mat.
This price does not include pack / deliver fee. POA
Removable sawdust stopper. Galvanised steel, bitumen applied.$100 
Hinged panel for bobcat entry$150 
Two coats of Integrain oil (external) or two coats of decking oil (internal) – per panel$200 
Bitumen applied to panel up to 200mm (to prevent ply/timber from rotting and steel from rusting) - per stable (4 panels)$160 
Line inside of shed walls up to 2.4m. Includes supply and fit battens (ply) / rails (rubber). Per 4m wide bay.Black Ply$600 
Natural Ply$600 
Tack/Feed Room Front Walls - 4m wide steel frame. External wall lined with 17mm thick black builder's ply up to 2400mm. 920mm honeycomb door fitted. Unlined internal wall$1700 
Lined internal wall$2100 
Mezzanine Floor for Tack/Feed Rooms. Yellow tongue flooring, ceiling height 2.6m with exposed timber joists, lower height of joists 2.4m$2000 
Plastic feed bin – 30 litres - to suit spinning feed bin door$80 
Plastic automatic waterers – 9 litres(includes supply, fit and plumbing to existing water supply)$450 
Overhead hose for wash bay, supply and install$650 
Wash bay rails. 2 x 75x75x3mm duragal steel rails fitted to existing posts.$350 
Wash bay posts and rails. 2 x Posts 1500mm high 100x100x3mm duragal steel. Posts fitted to concrete slab with plates. 2 x 75x75x3mm duragal steel rails fitted to posts.$780 
Feed storage bins – ply: 700mm deep; 700mm high; 1200mm long$600 
Feed storage bins – ply: 700mm deep; 700mm high; 1800mm long$800 
Feed storage bins – ply: 700mm deep; 700mm high; 2400mm long$1000 
Single horizontal rug rack – supply and install$140 
Hay Feeders – supply and install$50 
Bridle Holder (single) – supply and install$12 
Bridle Holder (4-in-1) – supply and install$30 
TOTAL PRICE (including gst) 
ORDER TERMS: 50% deposit required on order confirmation with balance payable on delivery
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